Gloves off at Sonic, Firehouse needs to clean the icemaker in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The gloves were off at a Madison burger joint, inspectors found a problem with the ice at Firehouse, and a Bridge Street steakhouse needed to find another place to thaw its food.

Connor’s Steak and Seafood at Bridge Street was inspected on December 5. The inspector says one of the kitchen hand sinks was being used to thaw out food. The cooks removed the food. There were also plates found in storage with food particles on them. The plates were sent back through the dishwasher. Connor’s scored an 85.

Sonic Drive In on west 72 in Madison was inspected on December 12. The inspector saw a worker handling cheese and cooked hamburger meat with bare hands. There were also no paper towels at two hand sinks, chili in a container left sitting out and popcorn chicken in a warmer at around 123º. In a follow-up visit, the problems were corrected. Sonic scored a 73.

Firehouse Subs on University was inspected on December 11. The inspector found ham in the reach in cooler around 50º and residue in the ice machine. In a follow up visit, while the cooler temp was lowered, the ice machine hadn’t been cleaned. Firehouse scored an 86.


Whoever told you ‘you can’t take it with you’, hasn’t had lunch at Oh Crepe! The eatery at Stovehouse opened in September, offering something sweet or something savory.

“Huntsville is so diverse. A melting pot,” Oh Crepe! owner Jim Xue said. “People from all over the place. People are accepting new concepts and excited about the new concepts.”

Xue came to the US from China to become a sushi chef. He first opened Chop Chop in Huntsville, then turned his attention to crepes, normally considered a breakfast food.

“We use rice flour, which is gluten free,” Xue said. “We cook it, so the outside is crispy, so it’s not fluffy or soft.”

Oh Crepe’s menu includes crepes with fruit and yogurt, or meat, fish and vegetables.

“With a crepe, you can carry it around. There’s this whole concept of an outdoor mall,” Xue said.

Oh Crepe! is relatively early to the party at the expanding Stovehouse. In their last inspection, Oh Crepe! scored a 100.

Xue also owns Kamado Ramen next door at Stovehouse, which just passed its final inspection and announced they plan to open on January 2nd.


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