Food not dated, not enough soap in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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ARDMORE, Ala. – Food with no dates on it, cracked dishes and not enough soap were just some of the issues a health inspector found during recent stops at restaurants in Limestone County.

Cowboy’s Kitchen on Pulaski was flagged for having no dates on its pork and chicken and incorrect dates on its fried chicken. The reach-in cooler temperature was kept in the 40s, there was a rusty can opener blade and a cracked ice bin. The inspector says in a follow-up visit three days later, the problems were corrected.

Cowboy’s Kitchen scored a 77.

Whitt’s BBQ in Ardmore was inspected on October 16th. The inspector says there was no soap at the warewash hand sink, and no soap or paper towels at the pit area hand sink.

Whitt’s scored an 85.

Mildred’s Restaurant on Main Street in Ardmore was inspected on Monday. The inspector docked the eatery for a cracked mixing bowl and strainer, a cracked container in the salad bar and a worker who left out food container sitting out. Managers say the problems were corrected on site.

Mildred’s scored an 87.

If you talk to people who live and work there, they’ll tell you there’s always a reason to stop in Ardmore. But if you happen to be coming up AL-53, keep an eye out for the old gas station off Main Street. That’s where you’ll find Tiny B’s Bistro.

“They called him Tiny, because he short and overweight, Tiny was his nickname,” Debby Bradford said.

Steve and Debby have been married over 10 years. In that time, Steve went through a big weight loss, thanks in part to Debby’s cooking.

“The food you see on my menu is what I make him eat,” Debby said.

It’s good enough for Steve and good enough for the breakfast and lunch crowd.

“It’s local and something Ardmore’s never had before,” Steve said.

“The muffins are made from scratch, the cookies are made from scratch,” Debby said.

Some of the recipes are named for her parents. February will mark one year in business for the couple.

“It keeps his nickname alive that doesn’t fit him anymore,” Debby said.

In their last inspection, Tiny B’s scored a 98. The Bradfords say they deliver for free to anyone within six miles. Tiny B’s is open every day but Sunday.

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