Find out which local eatery scored a perfect 100 in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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Our first stop this week is the Canebrake Golf Club restaurant, where inspectors found cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes being stored 11 degrees warmer than the required 41 degree maximum temperature, and employees were handling ready to eat food with their bare hands.

Canebrake Club

23015 Founders Circle, Athens

Score: 86


Next inspectors went to Wandie’s Corner Pub in, where they found evidence of rodents hanging out in the bar cabinets. They were given 10 day notice to shoo away the pests.

Wandie’s Corner Pub

301 North Raleigh Ave, Sheffield

Score: 91  


Next inspectors went to China Star, where they found the hot water turned off in the kitchen, mops and brooms blocking the use of one of the sinks, and an unlabeled bottle of chemical cleaner.

China Star

7950 Hwy 72, Madison

Score: 80


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Cake’s Etc

2407 Memorial Parkway, Huntsville

Score: 100