Notice of Intent to Suspend permit issued at local restaurant after follow up inspection

Restaurant Ratings
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Madison County

Haru Korean Sushi

8760 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL 35758

Score: 71


  • Cups stored with bleach, Clorox wipes container stored on a prep table, and 2 chemical bottles.
    • The items were removed and stored properly.
  • Cooked tofu being held at 121ºF, steak held at 83ºF, sprout mix held at 98ºF.
    • Follow up: Cooked tofu 175ºF, cooked sprout mix 138ºF, steak was not available that day.
  • Uncooked tofu 53ºF, chopped tomatoes & cut leafy greens 46ºF, dumplings with chicken and pork 70ºF.
    • Follow up: Chicken & pork dumplings 0ºF, cut leafy greens 36ºF, and chopped tomatoes not available.
  • Trays were blocking the use of the hand sink.
    • The item was removed by an employee.


We have a repeat offender.

Back in January, Haru Korean Sushi on Madison Blvd in Madison got an 80.

Now they’ve scored a bit lower. All violations were corrected.


Wendy’s of Moores Mill Road

1624 US Highway 72 E, Huntsville, AL 35811

Score: 79

  • Shredded cheddar 53ºF, feta 53ºF, sliced tomato 45ºF, blue cheese 46ºF.
    • Follow up: Sliced tomato 53ºF, iceberg lettuce 53ºF. Not abated. Issued NOIS (Notice of Intent to Suspend permit).
  • An employee dropped food on the floor and picked it up then resumed food prep without washing hands.
  • No paper towels at men’s restroom hand sink, no soap and paper towels at drive-thru hand sink.

The last two violations were corrected. A notice of intent to suspend their permit was issued during the follow up for food temperature issues.


Clean Plate Winner:

New Market BBQ

5601 Winchester Rd, New Market, AL 35761

Score: 100

The smells of hickory, cherry and pecan wood mingle in the air as the coals infuse meats and sides at New Market BBQ on Winchester Rd. in New Market.

From start to finish, owners Libby and Kelly Webb put their all into smokey and flavorful barbecue — available Friday to Sunday.

Using propane and authentic pit barbecue methods, they’re cooking for hours alongside their talented team.

The results — juicy pulled pork, glistening chicken, and just the right amount of smokey mac n’ cheese. And we can’t forget to mention their insanely flavorful brisket.

Still have room? Baked beans, Brunswick stew and homemade cornbread are great compliments.

Or you can indulge in desserts like chocolate pecan pie and coconut pie.

Their pit room and kitchen are spotless.


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