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Lauderdale County

Cici’s Pizza #166

157 Cox Creek Parkway S, Florence


  • Spoiled spinach and cucumbers – food discarded upon inspection

Score: 80


Limestone County

Asian Cuisine

229 French Farms Blvd, Athens


  • Food at improper temperatures
  • Wings 116F, Steak 109F, Fried chicken 105F
  • Damaged plastic lids
  • Drink nozzles and ice maker in need of cleaning

Score: 84


Madison County

Papa Jack’s

3318 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville


  • No chemical test papers available
  • Chicken gizzards too warm at 47F, chicken at 47F, Egg rolls at 44F
  • No soap at restroom hand sinks

Score: 83


Clean Plate:

Colbert County

Southern Barbeque

425 West Avalon Avenue, Sheffield

Score: 99