Dirty dishes, worker not wearing gloves in this week's Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings

Texas Roadhouse on Jeff Road received a 73 score in its most recent inspection.

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A busted sink is 'no bueno', a roadhouse needs to scrub the pans again and an Italian restaurant's ice isn't so nice.

Those were some of the problems inspectors found in this week's Restaurant Ratings.

Texas Roadhouse on Jeff Road was inspected on December 27. An inspector found chicken in the reach-in cooler at 53ºF, shrimp in the reach-in cooler at 48ºF, salmon in the reach-in cooler at 50ºF, spring salad in the reach-in cooler at 57ºF and shredded cheese at 52ºF. There were also dirty metal pans and dirty plates found in storage. The inspector said the temperature in the dishwasher didn't reach 160ºF. In a follow-up inspection on December 31, an inspector says the problems were corrected. Texas Roadhouse scored a 73.

Casa Blanca in Madison was inspected on December 27. An inspector found a broken faucet handle in the hand sink. There was also no sanitizer solution in the dishwasher and a worker who was touching food with bare hands and dishing up plates. In a follow-up inspection, the sink was fixed and the problems were addressed. Casa Blanca scored an 83.

Tellini's Italiano in Huntsville was inspected on December 26. The inspector says tomatoes and lettuce in the cooler were kept at 47ºF. There was also residue in the ice chute. In a follow-up visit, the ice machine was cleaned. Tellini's scored an 83.


You won't find them in the French Quarter, but the Po Boy Factory in the Five Points neighborhood in Huntsville is about as close as you'll get to dining in the Big Easy.

"It's hand-breaded, hand everything," owner Marie Thigpen said. "Everything's fresh, nothing pre-breaded or frozen. We still do it old school."

Thigpen and her husband Donnie opened the restaurant 22 years ago after they ran into some tax problems and their attorney offered them the vacant house.

"Long story short, he had this building, we got in his truck and bebopped down here. And we built this," Thigpen said.

Built and then expanded in their spot on Andrew Jackson Way. With an extensive seafood menu, Thigpen tries to give diners an authentic Cajun experience.

"The best compliments I ever get is when I have someone who's from New Orleans, Louisiana or the Gulf Coast who knows what a true po boy is, to come up to me and say, 'You did it. This is the real deal'," Thigpen said.

In their last inspection, Po Boy Factory scored a 95.

Thigpen says Po Boy Factory is hosting a Mardi Gras party next month for Fat Tuesday, including a crawfish boil and king cakes trucked in from Louisiana.

That's happening on February 25.

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