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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Health inspectors found that a Mexican cantina had some banged up cans, a Chinese buffet had some moldy veggies, and Texas Roadhouse needed another trip through the dishwasher.

Las Trojas Cantina on highway 53 in Huntsville was inspected on February 19th. The inspector found a dirty can opener blade on the prep table, six dented cans in storage, salsa and tomatoes in the cooler at 54 ºF, lettuce at 51ºF, beef and shrimp at 47 ºF, and chicken at 46 ºF. The inspector also says there was no chlorine sanitizer solution in the dishwasher. In a follow up visit, the problems were corrected. Las Trojas scored a 76.

New China Grill and Buffet on Jordan Lane in Huntsville was inspected on February 19th. The inspector found produce in the refrigerator with a black and white substance on it. A worker threw out the produce that day. An inspector returned to the restaurant this week and says the problems were taken care of. New China scored an 83.

Texas Roadhouse on Jeff Road in Huntsville was inspected on February 21st. The inspector found dirty plates in storage along with dirty plastic meat containers. The inspector also said there was mozzarella cheese at around 48 ºF in a container. In a follow up inspection, the problems were corrected. Texas Roadhouse scored an 83.

It’s a place with a rustic sounding name, but you don’t need your boots. Farm Burger in Huntsville will gladly answer the question to anyone asking, ‘where’s the beef?’

“Everything is fresh, farm to table. It’s all grass-fed beef,” Farm Burger manager Christopher George said.

Farm Burger on Bob Wallace Avenue recently celebrated its fourth birthday. The eatery was founded in 2008 by two partners in Georgia wanting to bring locally grown beef to the big city.

“Our most popular one would be the number one,” George said. “It’s got the white cheddar, the caramelized onions and house-made Farm Burger sauce. Everybody loves the vegan options,” George said.

Farm Burger’s menu features seven specialty burgers, along with sides, salads and shakes. In their last inspection, Farm Burger scored a 95.

Farm Burger on Bob Wallace in Huntsville is open every day from 11 to 9.