Boss is out to lunch, Tex Mex joint needs to clean the ice machine in this week's Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings
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MADISON, Ala. – Health inspectors found that an Asian eatery leaves the chicken sitting out, the boss was out to lunch at a Mexican eatery, and a Tex Mex place needs to clean the ice machine.

Buena Vista Cantina on highway 72 in Madison was inspected on January 6. The inspector found chicken in the warmer at 97ºF. There was also nobody around claiming to be the person in charge. The inspector says there was also clogged pipes in the kitchen floor and cabbage in the reach-in cooler at 55ºF. In a return visit three days later, the problems were corrected. Buena Vista scored a 75.

Mei Wei Asian Bistro on Pelham Avenue was inspected on January 6. The inspector says containers of red chicken curry were dated incorrectly. They also found chicken on the counter at 68ºF and green chicken curry in the cooler at 58ºF. Mei Wei also didn’t have a worker on duty with an approved food course. In a follow-up visit, the problems were fixed. Mei Wei scored an 84.

McAlister’s Deli on perimeter parkway was inspected on January 10. The inspector says there was no hot water in the hand sink because the knob was broken. There was also shredded cheese in the cooler at 49ºF and cantaloupe at 50ºF. In a follow-up visit four days later, the problems were fixed. McAlister’s scored an 85.


If you happen to be in Scottsboro and you see the sign for 50 Taters, you don’t have to feel lucky, you just have to feel hungry. This fast-casual sit-down place with Southern charm has been serving hungry customers for just over 10 years.

“The owner Dave, turned 50 when he opened it. And there’s 50 count taters to a box. So he just kind of threw them together and he came up with 50 Taters,” server Dianne Love said.

Dave and Celisa Barclay opened 50 Taters as a food truck in 2007, then built their restaurant on County Park Road. The menu features steaks, sandwiches, and burgers as well as potatoes.

“We do brag about our prices. People say how they didn’t expect to pay that little for a family of four,” Love said.

In their last inspection, 50 Taters scored a 92. 50 Taters is open 7 days a week. They also have a second location in Rainsville.

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