TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — When Tuscumbia residents learned that the Wille Green Recreation Center could be managed by the city’s school board, the possibility was met with opposition.

While city leaders explained the proposal, community members were offered the chance to voice their opinions during the council meeting.

Dozens of community members packed the Tuscumbia city hall waiting their turn to share the disagreements. City leaders are considering a partnership between the school board and the city that would allow the board to manage the historic center.

According to Tuscumbia Mayor William Foster, the partnership could enable city schools to utilize the facility for educational purposes.

“One of the primary advantages of this partnership is the potential to alleviate some of the strain on our schools utilizing the existing recreational facilities provides additional space for educational activities and valuable opportunities,” Foster said.

However, some residents like Ouida Brown say the recreation center has been used by the community for 60 years and fear the change could possibly limit their access.

“If the school board decided to fence it in and lock it down they have that right because it would be theirs,” Brown said.

Although city leaders say the move could save them funding that can be invested into other areas, residents like Brown say money could be raised a different way without the recreation center being involved.

“We’ve gotten community grants before we’re willing to do it again so that’s not a money saver per se we can find other ways to do that,” Brown said.

As city leaders explained the center’s operations would be unchanged, residents say they strongly oppose the move as it could compromise Wille Green as they know it.

Although there wasn’t a vote to approve the measure, city leaders will continue discussing the proposal in the coming weeks. City leaders want residents to continue voicing their input, something they say is a vital part of the process.