Residents of Madison County community say illegal trash dumping is major issue

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Residents of Crestwood Mobile Home Estates say the park is nice, quiet, and clean, but they are sick of the illegal trash dumping at the entrance.

Madison County collects large debris from homes and residences each month but sometimes, that trash can pile up. In other instances, people begin illegally dumping.

“It’s always been a nice park,” said Real Paquette, a resident of the park. “That (trash) really makes us look like what they call trailer trash, haha!”

Madison County District 4 Commissioner Phil Vandiver says residents of the park pay $3 a month for the county to pick up large debris that is placed on the corner of Nance Road and Alton Lynch Circle, but many who don’t live in the area are dumping anything and everything.

“The trash that’s out there, it didn’t all come from in here,” said Paquette. “I can vouch for that.”

“Over the years, we feel like there have been people that are not living in the trailer park that are bringing additional stuff and dumping it to it and making that pile larger and unsightly,” said Vandiver.

The pile WHNT News 19 saw Monday was somewhat small, but residents say last week, the trash was piling into Nance Road.

Vandiver said it took around 2 hours to collect all the garbage, and Paquette said it was the worst he’s ever seen it.

“The lady from the Health Department went through a lot of the stuff looking for names, looking for addresses, looking for anything that she could tie somebody to that doesn’t live within that trailer park,” said Vandiver.

Some residents want the county to come inside the park to collect, like they used to, to avoid any piles at the entrance.

“I would be glad to pay on my electric bill extra if they would come in and pick up,” said Paquette. “I don’t know how we can get the road approved for the trucks to come in, but like I said, we did a long time ago.”

Vandiver said they are working on getting “No Dumping” signs in the area, making it clear there is a $1000 fine for illegal trash dumping.

Vandiver says if you’re having a similar issue where you live, you can contact the Madison County Commission and they will contact the Health Department.

Vandiver also says that the Health Department is working on contacting the names they found within last week’s trash pile, in order to hold them responsible for illegally dumping.

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