Researchers release tagged black bear in north Alabama


(Photo: Outdoor Alabama)

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The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division is currently working with Auburn University to conduct research on black bears within the state. The agency posted a photo of staff member Kelly Murphy with a bear just before its release in north Alabama.

Bears are trapped, safely sedated, and fitted with tags and transmitters before release and after being weighed and measured. The crews use ice to keep the bear cool while it’s being worked with.

Data collected will give insights on bear population size, movements, and will help with future management decisions for our growing population.

What to Do If You Encounter a Bear

Summertime is when you’re most likely to see a bear on the move! If you see a bear, please report it here:

You can avoid close encounters with bears in the first place by keeping your yard/garden/garage free of garbage, and extra tree debris. Loud music and bright lights also help to deter black bears.

And it’s important to note, there is no open season for bears in Alabama. It is illegal to kill a bear unless you’re in imminent danger because a lot of bears in Alabama are part of these research studies.



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