Rescue efforts in historic Louisiana floods still ongoing

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HAMMOND, La.– Louisiana is being hit with some historic flooding. Heavy rains fell on southeastern Louisiana Friday causing major flooding. Roads are closed, a State of Emergency is in effect, and lives have been claimed.

The rain is expected to continue for several more days. Many areas have been evacuated already with more possibly to come. Rescuers are wading through waist deep water just to get to victims. Over two dozen high water rescues have been carried out with stranded victims pulled from cars, rooftops, and even a tree.

The National Guard used a helicopter to rescue a man clinging to a tree branch in Louisiana Saturday. More than 1,000 people had to be pulled to safety after historic flooding.

“Our house is gone under, our pets, our horses, everything is gone under back there,” said flood victim Paulette Short.

The rain started falling Friday causing rivers across the state to overflow their banks. More than 100 roads are now closed.

“You can’t get through it. Cars are getting washed off the roads,” Short added.

In Walker, a graveyard flooded and caskets were floating above ground. The Governor of Louisiana has declared a State of Emergency.

“Asking everyone to evacuate, to simply evacuate if you are supposed to do that,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards (D).

Officials expect another four to six inches of rain to fall before it’s all over. A flood watch remains in effect through Sunday across most of south Louisiana

In Jeanie Holme’s neighborhood the water is knee-deep. She’s still trying to recover from flooding five months ago.

“The pictures, you can’t replace. They’re actually still in the big green rubbermaid from last time. I’ve never put them up,” said Holmes.

While some homeowners are waiting to survey the damage, Holmes said it’s time to move.

Governor Edwards plans to tour the flood damaged area. Officials say there are two weather related deaths so far.

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