Republican Refresh: Changing the Image of Madison County’s Republican Executive Committee

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) —  One set of races that might have gotten less public attention on Election Day - the Madison County Republican Executive Committee.

A movement called "Republican Refresh" sought to mix up the committee in a big way.

The folks in that committee make decisions on candidates and county party business.

We call it inside baseball.

But Mary Scott Hunter, who took seats on both the state and county executive committees as part of the refresh, notes, "The problem is that what happens on that inside baseball, eventually works its way out into the grandstand."

State Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison) also put his name on the primary ballot for committee seats. He says, "The way that we were messaging and the tone we were adopting, there wasn't a lot of thought given to winning the hearts of the public."

After successfully wrapping up three campaigns, Hunter won't mince words, "Where we have tended to have problems is that we put into leadership positions people in the Republican party that are not team players and are unpleasant."

She says that leads to less community involvement and poor attendance at functions, "Probably because they're pretty unpleasant meetings. I was censured in one of those meetings. They tend to be contentious."

So the refresh looks to use the ballot to create a friendlier more inclusive Republican party.

Ball adds thoughtfully, "As Republicans, that was the reason Ronald Reagan turned this country around in 1980. He won the hearts."

After the largely successful ballot refresh, he believes you will see more heart in the county party too.

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