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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison) is having a hard time pushing to legalize a marijuana-based oil.  The oil doesn’t have a recreational use.  It doesn’t get you high.  It comes from the cannabis plant, and a lot people say it also happens to work wonders on kids with conditions that can cause dozens of seizures a day.

In December, Gena Dalton told us her daughter’s story, “My mouth just fell open when I’m hearing the amounts of Valium they pumped into her.” Her daughter Charlotte started having bouts of seizures.  She can’t get relief from modern medicine without horrendous side effects.

Ball is sponsoring a bill called Carly’s Law. If passed, it would legalize the oil and help give the children like Charlotte the opportunity to try a potential remedy for her seizures. It’s been a tough road, and Ball said it’s not getting any easier.  

“I can’t get a handle on what this really is, I know it’s supernatural, I know there’s a hand of an almighty God that moves and is in this,” said Ball. He told WHNT News 19 that sponsoring Carly’s Law has been an emotional roller coaster. One minute, he thinks it’s going to pass. The next, he is ready to give up. He said one thing keeps him going, the children of Alabama who need his help. 

“We want what’s best for our children, we want to see them healthy and happy,” said Gena Dalton. Dalton said she is thankful for Ball’s hard work on Carly’s Law, but she’s worried they are running out of time. She can’t wait until the next legislative session to get help for Charlotte. 

“Right now shes a typical child, she’s walking talking feeding herself, but as time passes she’s going to lose those skills,” said Dalton about Charlotte. “(Eventually) she won’t be able to walk, she’ll be in a wheelchair, she wont be able to feed herself, she’ll be on a feeding tube and we have the opportunity at this moment to preserve those skills in her.”

If Carly’s Law doesn’t pass this session, the Dalton family plans to move out of state so Charlotte can legally try the oil. “If it means uprooting our lives, of course we’re going to do it” she said. “If the legislation doesn’t pass, do I want to? Do I want to leave my job at Redstone Arsenal? Does my husband want to leave his job at Redstone Arsenal? Do we want to leave our family, friends, and support system? I mean no,” Dalton told WHNT News 19. 

Ball said his worst fear is that legislators will adjourn, and Carly’s Law will be unsuccessful. “It’s not going to pass unless the power of the Lord and the spirit of the Lord interferes and moves hearts properly.”

He knows we’re in the midst of an election season and he’s aware his involvement with this legislation may get him an opponent. But he doesn’t care. 

“I could probably survive whatever comes, but if it doesn’t, this is a hill worth dying on,” he said.