HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – U.S. Congressman and recent appointee to the House Committee on Homeland Security Dale Strong said Wednesday he hopes to address several national security concerns in the coming weeks.

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down in early February, sparking an increased national awareness of unidentified objects in U.S. airspace. Rep. Strong said potential foreign surveillance of U.S. citizens should be dealt with swiftly.

“We’ve got to be sure that people understand that spy balloons going across America is unacceptable, and we don’t need to wait a week to get those balloons down,” Strong said.

Strong said he is pushing for information regarding Chinese surveillance.

“We want definitive data for the American people,” Strong said. “We want to be sure to talk about transparency. Our country wants to know exactly what’s going on.”

Strong said he supports the state’s ban on Tiktok.

“You don’t need the government to tell you that TikTok is a threat to America,” Strong said. “Everybody here knows that that is a platform taking U.S. information to the Chinese, to the Chinese people.”

In December, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey banned the use of the app on state devices and networks. However, Strong said governmental bans do not impact personal usage of the app, but he encourages his constituents to stop using Tiktok.

In addition to foreign surveillance at home, Rep Strong said he hopes to address border security. Next week, Strong will join several members of the House Committee on Homeland Security, including Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee, on a trip to the southern border. He describes the visit as an information-gathering mission.