Remembering Maya Angelou

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC (CNN) — Saturday loved ones, admirers, and celebrities gathered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to honor Maya Angelou’s life and achievements.

Maya Angelou’s loved ones joined together at Wake Forest University to celebrate her remarkable life.

Former President Bill Clinton delivered a moving tribute.

“Her great gift in her action packed life was she was always paying attention, and she did it with a clarity and power that will wash over people as long as there is a written and spoken word.”

Clinton and Angelou shared a special bond. He asked her to write a poem for his first inauguration in 1993.

Oprah Winfrey also remembered the woman she called “her queen mother.”

Angelou was a frequent guest on Oprah’s show, and the two were close friends.

“The loss I feel, I cannot describe. It’s like something I have never felt before.”

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the impact Angelou’s words had on her own life.

“Words so powerful they carried a little black girl from the south side of Chicago all the way to the White House.”

Maya Angelou may no longer be present in body, but her soul lives on in every word she left behind.

That was the message mourners took away from her memorial service.


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