Remains of storm-damaged oak tree in front of Limestone County Courthouse removed


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Right before Valentine’s Day, a strong storm caused a nearly 100-year-old tree to collapse in front of the Limestone County Courthouse.

It damaged cars, but no one was hurt.

Thursday, the City of Athens lifted away whatever limbs remained.

“We had a crane come in,” said Limestone County Chairperson Collin Daly. “We didn’t want to damage any of the monuments or any other thing around the courthouse.”

The community lost a historical tree, but parts of it will return.

A local artist volunteered to craft furniture out of the log as a gift to the city. Other community members want to use the stump for other wood crafts, but those projects will take time to complete.

“We got about a year to plan the furniture we’re gonna make with it,” said Daly, “but he’ll make something like a desk or something, a bench to put inside the courthouse because that’s where the tree came from. We think it deserves to go back into the courthouse.”

Daly said the stump weighed nearly 20,000 pounds. The tree log weighed almost 14,000 pounds.

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