The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command will reopen in June

Redstone Arsenal

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Redstone Arsenal will allow its workforce to return back to work starting Tuesday, but one organization on base would rather wait a little while longer.

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command will get back to work starting June 3, but only 30% of its workforce can return to work.

AMCOM has a Workforce Reintegration Plan, and that plan outlines when workers will return to work.

Below is the complete AMCOM reintegration plan. It’s broken up into several phases. On the left side of the graphic is Phase Zero. That takes effect on June 3.

Phase Zero plan of attack

All meetings will remain virtual. Social distancing will be enforced.

No more than three people will be allowed in the elevator at one time, and a face mask is required to be worn under certain conditions.

There will be restricted travel and training operations.

And even though commercial buildings are open off-base, the gym and barbershop remains closed until further notice.

But there’s no telling how long workers will remain in Phase Zero. There’s no end date.

A new normal

AMCOM Major General Todd Royar said, “it’s conditions based, again based off the infection rate, a continued downward trend. That could be as short as a couple weeks. It could be much longer.”

If theres a spike in the local area, theres the possibility AMCOM will revert back to a previous phase.

AMCOM leaders said vulnerable workers will remain at home until things get back to normal. That wont happen until Phase Three goes into effect.

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