REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) – The Army Materiel Command (AMC) hosted their annual Best Warrior Competition, which started on August 14.

The AMC Best Warrior competition is a three-day gauntlet. Fourteen soldiers were invited to participate in a series of challenges including a confidence course, weapons qualifications and a mystery event.

According to a press release by the U.S. Army, “The Best Warrior Competition allows us to grow our Soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers. It’s not only about choosing our best, but it’s also about making all the Soldiers in their units better.”

Sgt. Major Samara Pitre told News 19 that these challenges embody what it means to be a soldier.

“The soldiers do these activities on a regular basis. This is what we are, this is who we are, we’re soldiers,” Pitre said, “but this competition provides an opportunity for soldiers to actually get out there and actually show what they’re made of.”

The AMC announced two winners at a luncheon on August 18. They also announced the winners of the Soldier and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year awards.

The winners of the Best Warrior Competition will compete again in September as a squad. There, they will be compared with some of the best Army soldiers in the country.