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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – As the city of Huntsville and Madison County continues to grow, so does Redstone Arsenal.

The arsenal provides thousands of jobs for people in the Rocket City.

Wednesday, the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Redstone update to show off the latest and greatest coming out of the arsenal.

One presenter noted that when the arsenal was started, they had a little over 6,000 people ready to work there. Now, they have more than 44,000, and many of the speakers had the same idea when they took the podium: talk of the future and how much the arsenal will continue to grow.

“Redstone has truly become a hub for national defense and security.” Arsenal Senior Commander, Lt. Gen. Donnie Walker was one of many speakers to speak high praise over the growth that’s made the arsenal boom.

The FBI reported they have more than a thousand employees already moved to Huntsville, with multiple facilities being built to train thousands daily.

The Army Materiel Command says they’re hard at work streamlining the industrial base in a way that would modernize the entire Army.

Marshall Space Flight Center, a key player for the SLS launch this coming February, is preparing to help launch the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA.

All of these accomplishments were done despite the pandemic.

“A lot of our employees have learned to adapt and adjust to that and working from home,” said Marshall Space Flight Center Operations Director Robert Champion. “We’ve all gotten the tools to feel comfortable with that and I think it’s going to change our workforce going forward.

Chamber reps say the arsenal is an economic powerhouse, making up about half of the local economy.
So it’s important for all to be informed of the growth so the chamber can be a beneficial partner.

“All the things that Redstone needs, infrastructure, schools, education, quality of life,’ said Chamber of Commerce Senior VP of Government and Public Affairs Mike Ward. “All of those things are critical to the arsenal’s success, so being able to have this dialogue with them is critical.”

One thing every speaker had in common is their dedication to protecting American lives, and they spoke to the importance of the arsenal to help them stay at the forefront of defense and security.