Redstone Arsenal leaders are focused on projected growth

Redstone Arsenal
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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Senior leaders on Redstone Arsenal met with local media Friday to give an update on the Arsenal’s accomplishments and goals moving forward. Leaders want to be transparent about what they’re doing each and every day to support our nation’s defense.

“When our 40,000-member workforce comes through the gates every day, we focus on the four missions,” Lt Gen. Ed Daly said.

Those missions are space exploration and missile defense, intelligence and homeland defense, research development and engineering, and worldwide logistics.

Daly says Redstone Arsenal is thriving, and its missions are more relevant now than ever before.

“The Arsenal is postured not only to support our current requirements in terms of mission set, but we’re also looking to the future, along every different aspect of what’s required to support future operations,” he said.

Growth continues not only for the Arsenal, but the surrounding community, and the health of each is mutually beneficial to the other.

“We think a lot about this whole piece on synergistic growth, the operative word really being synergistic, because it can’t be done alone,” Daly said. “It has to be synergized, synchronized, and integrated with the local community.”

And the arsenal is prepared for future growth.

“I am confident that Redstone Arsenal leaders are setting the conditions to accommodate whatever that growth is,” Daly said.

Gen. Daly also spoke about the importance of education, and noted that the Arsenal will be partnering with several educational programs moving forward.

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