Redstone Arsenal leaders address restructuring proposal for Fox Army Health Center

Redstone Arsenal
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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — Friday morning, the commander of Fox Army Health Center, Col. Anthony Meador, addressed media regarding the restructuring proposal that recommends 50 military hospitals and clinics across the country cut off their services to military family members and retirees– and only provide medical care to active duty service members.

“Healthcare, as you and I know, is very personal, and for us here at Fox Army Health Center, the healthcare for all of our beneficiaries remains priority number one for us,” Meador said.

The main takeaway from Meador’s statement is that nothing is changing right now for any patients at Fox Army Health Center. And they plan to continue to make their patients a priority and will continue to offer high-quality medical care.

Congress has 88 more days to respond to the proposal.

“These changes, when directed, will be done in a very deliberate approach to assure the seamless continuity of care for our patients,” Meador said.

Many are very concerned about what this means for the future of our community if the proposal is confirmed. Rhoda Johnson is a retired military wife whose entire family has been using Fox’s services for over twenty years.

“When my husband signed up, he was promised free military medical care for him and his family should he have one,” she said. “And he’s done his 22 years, and now they just want to say sorry? To me, that’s reneging on a promise.”

The proposal says this restructuring plan is to increase the readiness of our country’s military forces.

“Part of the readiness is, you’re not supposed to have to be worrying about your family,” Johnson said.

After Friday morning’s news conference a spokesperson for Redstone Arsenal told reporters they promised they’d be transparent as they learned more, but right now, with this proposal still being just that– a recommendation– that there’s a lot of questions we have that they aren’t in a position to speculate on.

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