Redstone Arsenal issues ‘Noise Advisory’ for June 27 and 28

Redstone Arsenal
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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — Pending weather, a spokesperson for Redstone Arsenal says  they will be conducting nighttime operations near the end of June for training purposes.

Redstone Arsenal’s Public Affairs Officer Chris Colster says the evening of June 27 and 28 will produce loud noises, smoke and potential flashes, however, residents around the area should not be worried.

“This is routine testing and training, but community members should not be alarmed as it is occurring during nighttime hours,” Colster said. “Additionally, training personnel will be using simulated pyrotechnics which could create flashes or smoke during this time.”

The aircraft will stay in Redstone Arsenal restricted airspace until they depart the installation when the mission is complete, according to Coltser.

If weather or equipment issues arise, the alternate date is the evening of June 28 and 29.