Redstone Arsenal holds Gold Star ceremony honoring fallen veterans

Redstone Arsenal
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Redstone Arsenal held a Gold Star ceremony in honor of fallen veterans on Friday. Medals, badges, and uniforms are symbols of service that honor those who fight for our freedom. A gold star represents the ultimate sacrifice.

Redstone Arsenal leaders invited 30 Gold Star families to remember those who died in the line of duty.

Tiffany Little attended the ceremony to remember her late husband and share her memories with others who share her grief.

“We remember our soldier, you know, my late husband, her father, and who he was. And not just for us personally, not just the fact that he was killed in action,” said Little.

Each Gold Star family says that the Arsenal’s ceremony was touching and meant a lot to them, but they feel that if people celebrated Memorial Day for the fallen veterans instead of just celebrating another day off from work, then they could enjoy the day a little more too.

“Everybody gets to go swimming and barbecuing and all that but we Gold Star families know why we have this holiday,” said Little.

Annette Hall the resident of North Alabama’s Gold Star Mother’s Chapter says she hopes that while everyone is enjoying their day off from work, they’ll also remember those who died.

“Memorial Day is to honor the life and sacrifice of the soldiers who laid their lives down so you could be doing those things today,” said Hall.

So as you celebrate Memorial Day, take a moment, and remember those who bear the Gold Star.

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