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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – New eateries have landed in the Rocket City. The Redstone Gateway is made up of three restaurants along with a conference and dining center.

From Fiero Grill, to Dipwich Sandwiches.  “Very simply grilled Mexican street food,” said David Wideman, Director of Operations for WJP Restaurant Group, “High quality, amazing service, unique food– to an area that’s not used to it.”

But we’ll get used to it. This place is sure to not disappoint and that’s their goal. “We want to have a positive influence on every guest that walks through that door,” said Wideman.

Coming to an area Wideman describes as a food desert, the Redstone Gateway, is located, you guessed it, outside gate nine of the Redstone Arsenal. “There’s a gap where there are no offers and people are just sitting in their cars.”

They’re trying to go grab food and fast before heading back to work, but now that’s all changing. Three new options will be close by, with quick service. “The quick serves, you’ll get through our lines in four minutes and have quality excellent service,” said Wideman.

But these new eateries aren’t just helping those in and around the arsenal, it’s provided 85 jobs and they’re using local resources. “We are representing every brewery in town in one way or another. And hope to expand that as we grow,” said Wideman.

The Redstone Gateway is still in the process of hiring kitchen staff. Several of the restaurants are already opened, however the Grand Opening is set for October 17.

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