Department of Defense stops ALL domestic travel beginning Monday, with few exceptions

Redstone Arsenal

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The United States Department of Defense has issued new travel guidelines for all civilian and military personnel.

Beginning Monday, March 16, military members are required to stop all domestic travel, while family members and civilians are required to stop all government-funded domestic travel.

DOD will onboard civilians in local commuting areas only, and military members are restricted to local leave only.

Exceptions exist and may be granted in cases of mission-essential movement, humanitarian missions, or extreme hardship.

In addition, travel by patients and medical providers treating DOD personnel and family members is authorized. Those already traveling can continue to their final destination and those who have temporary duty ending during the guidelines can return home.

Those about to retire or leave the military are exempt.

Anyone traveling must adhere to Force Health Protection guidelines in effect and later guidance.

The guidelines are in effect until May 11.

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