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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When it was announced that the U.S. Space Command would likely be moved to the Redstone Arsenal, the Tennessee Valley claimed it as a victory.

Then came the confusion behind the news – and the controversy.

Some politicians and commentators alleged that it was the doing of now-former President Donald Trump to direct the Air Force to move from its provisional headquarters of Colorado Springs, where the Air Force Academy is, to Redstone as a thanks to Republicans here supporting him in his election protesting.

However, even Democrat Doug Jones disagreed with that accusation.

In a statement to, the Press Desk of the Air Force said in part “the decision was based on factors related to mission, infrastructure capacity, community support and cost to the Department of Defense. Huntsville compared favorable across more of these factors than any other community…(with a) large, qualified workforce, superior infrastructure capacity, and low initial and recurring costs.”

The Space Command is a joint military command shared between branches hence the partnership with Redstone Arsenal. President Biden meanwhile has not yet weighed in with his views.