Redstone Arsenal Pauses To Remember 9/11

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala (WHNT) – People on the Arsenal paused at 8 o’clock this morning.

They remembered the significance of the day.  They paused for reflection.  They joined in prayer.

Colonel Scott Carson says, “It’s important to remember those who sacrificed their lives that day, both the civilians who tragically lost their lives and then the soldiers who have given their lives since those days.”

In the military community, 9/11 is viewed in a different light.  It was a national tragedy, but it was also a dawn of a new era.  An era that beckoned the military to war.

Not everyone came home, and those lost in combat get remembered today too.

Col. Carson says, “We honor them.  We honor their memory.  We honor their sacrifices, and we honor as well what they stood for.”

But through the losses people suffered, patriotism found a way to flourish.

Col. Carson points out, “Even today you see the American flags everywhere.  People brought out their stars and stripes.  They unfurled them; they displayed them.”

That patriotism still flourishes, today, through reflection.

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