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MOULTON, Ala. – There’s a line in one of Alabama’s hit songs that says, “We were walking in high cotton.” Limestone County native Roger Murrah wrote that about the cotton fields there. “High Cotton” could also be the theme song for a Lawrence County family.

We first met Mark Yeager in 2017 standing on the same land his family has been farming in Lawrence County for three generations. “I think Alabama can grow some of the best cotton around,” he told us. Mark’s raised cattle and planted crops for about 40 years.

But the cotton harvest really started paying off after his daughter, Anna, introduced him to social media. She got him hooked on Instagram. His sister in Dallas planted a seed after seeing one of his posts. “She sent me back a message saying oh, I wish I had some sheets made out of that good looking Alabama cotton,” he said.

An idea grew into a new business opportunity. Red Land Cotton was born in October of 2016. The Yeagers started shipping sheets made from the cotton grown in that north Alabama red land dirt. In 2017, they opened a store on the square in downtown Moulton.

As the product line expanded, orders grew. So did the need for more space. In 2020, the family consolidated everything in a new 30,000 square foot building. Standing in the front storefront, Anna Brakefield told me, “Our store, our warehouse, and our distribution fulfillment is all done right here.”

It sprouted up on county road 213, just down the road from the family cotton gin.  Cotton grown here goes into making sheets, pillowcases, towels, robes, and ladies’ loungewear. “Quilts and blankets too,” Anna added, “And now, our supply chain ranges all the way from upstate in Maine down to Waco, Texas where out batting is made.”

Sheets are still the bread and butter of the business. They hit the market six years ago, just in time for the holidays. “I think we did like $300 thousand dollars, or something like that,” she told me, “And that was huge, and we were so, so, so excited. But last year, we did a little over six million.”

But before you take that to the bank, a lot of that money is being reinvested in the family’s hometown and other communities. “Having those increase sales allowed us to open up a manufacturing facility in Tylertown, Mississippi, and to grow our employee base here and keep the ladies going and adding some in Moulton with their cut and sew here” Anna said with a smile.

Employees pull, pack and ship about 200 orders a day. And the holidays are looming. “We sold out of all our towels Thanksgiving Day last year,” Anna said as we walked through the warehouse, “And so the goal is for that to not happen again.”

They’re preparing for another crop of online shoppers. “The goal is preparing for that,” she told me. When I asked if the best advice is to order early, she immediately said, “Yes.” She laughed and added, “Order early and have a lot of grace and patience.”

Or you can stop by the store and take home a bit of Lawrence County. “Hopefully, come fall, you can see the cotton being picked in the field, it being ginned down the road and then you can come to our retail storefront and buy a piece of that cotton,” she said proudly, adding, “It’s kinda coming full circle.”

Here’s a link to the Red Land Cotton website. And here are links to their social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.