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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The American Red Cross has a function on its Blood Donor Application that allows people to see where their blood donation goes.

The Red Cross is encouraging people to use the app in an effort to get more people to donate blood, plasma, and platelets. The organization is experiencing its lowest supply levels in more than a decade.

The entire process of donating blood takes about 25 minutes. However, the app allows you to see all the different components that go into it. In the ‘Blood Journey’ section of the application, it takes you through the donation, the blood processing, testing, storage, and then completion process.

Once the blood donation is ‘complete’ it will indicate which hospital the blood was given to.

David Rauch, a Volunteer with the Red Cross is waiting for the results from his recent blood donation.

“Unfortunately my blood hasn’t gone anywhere just yet, but I’m actually eligible to donate again so i’ll be doing that again in the next few days and seeing where this ends up,” said Rauch. “

Annette Rowland, Red Cross Communications Director for Alabama and Mississippi, said children have a special place in her heart so the results she received in the app were gratifying.

“The Red Cross Donor app is my favorite because not only is it easy but you also get to follow where your donation goes,” she said. “The last time I donated blood I thought it was really cool because a week later I got to see that my blood went to a children’s hospital.”

The app is available on Google Play or the App Store.