Record Hurricane Season Isn’t Over


For only the second time, we are into the Greek Alphabet. In 2005, we got as far as Zeta. Here is a look at all of the landfalling tropical systems for 2020. Delta is on the next slide.

Delta is further down

The biggest ones for us were Laura which bought over five inches of rain and tornado warnings to the Tennessee Valley. Sally made a direct hit on Gulf Shores.

We just had Delta which dropped over three inches of rain here. Thankfully all the tornado warnings stayed east of the Tennessee Valley with Delta.

How Are the Tropics Looking Now?

Only one system is in the Atlantic basin. It’s getting sheared badly right now and the National Hurricane Center only gives it a 30% chance of development in the next five days.

Intensity guidance isn’t looking great either. This system will have a tough time getting to tropical storm status. Even if it does, it will be a weak one. 

Here is another look at the Greek Alphabet. Epsilon is next. We got to Zeta in 2005.

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