Recent tornado activity may break 40 year old national weather record

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There’s been a recent wave of tornado activity across the country over the past two weeks.

It’s believed that the warm, moist air from the southeast and cold air from the Rocky Mountains clashed in the midwest.

At least eight tornadoes have been reported to the National Weather Service in the past twelve days.

WHNT News 19 Meteorologist Ben Smith said there has to be a break in the atmosphere to change the pattern.

“I’d say the atmosphere is kind of clogged at this point. That big ridge of high pressure that’s overhead hasn’t moved a whole lot and disturbances that are coming out of the west are going over the same areas over and over again,” he explained. “And until that ridge moves or those disturbances kind of move either way north or south. We’re going to be stuck in the same pattern for a while.”

If all of the storms reported to the national weather service are classified as tornadoes, the surge of tornadoes will break a nearly 40-year-old severe weather record.

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