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Wait — what was that?  At first glance it kind of looks like loaves of rye bread scattered across a family’s front yard.  They’re actually big mushrooms, and you may have noticed some popping up recently in your neighborhood.

A WHNT News 19 employee spotted several along a road in Meridianville on Tuesday. She stopped to snap a few pictures.

We had a good bit of rain, and that’s the main reason, according to Brian Richey, owner of Soft-N-Green lawn care in Huntsville.  Other factors cause fungi, though.

“You could have some tree roots that are decomposing.  There could be something in the soil causing the mushrooms to pop up,” Richey said.  “Most of the time when they pop up, it’s not a turf-damaging fungus.”

Richey said his customers often call him when they see mushrooms to ask if they should be concerned. He said usually not.

“It’s actually a sign of really good soil.  You want organic matter in the soil,” Richey said.  “If you have them everywhere, and they don’t go away within a few weeks, you might want to have someone come take a look at them.”