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LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 gives you a rare look at a man’s fight against COVID from his ICU bed – a remarkable story of survival against all odds.

We first told you about Chris Williams’ fight against COVID in June. The Lawrenceburg man was unable to breathe on his own, couldn’t walk or talk but smiled and waved.

After 9 months of fighting the virus, he’s home and has so much to share. “I’m still alive.”

It’s hard to believe when we last saw Williams all odds seemed stacked against him. “I was ready to check it in,” he said, “They only let me eat two ice cubes – you talk about getting an attitude.”

Despite everything, the quick-witted 48-year-old has managed to keep his sense of humor when COVID-19 seemed to steal everything else. His long battle with the virus forced him in and out of the ICU.

“I leaving Vanderbilt, then boom! I was back in there. Couldn’t believe it!”

Williams had a great medical team by his side along with support from his daughters and son.

“I’ve got some good people in my family, They come out of the woods like termites.”

His one-liners are part of his appeal, but he gets serious when talking about his wife Crystal. “She kept me alive.”

His wife of 26 years and a nurse practitioner, who stopped working to care for her number one patient.

Crystal Williams said, “I can’t count the times that they told me that there was no hope. I just couldn’t hear that. We’re both pretty strong personalities.” Williams adding they are both Aries.

Around-the-clock care, many sleepless nights, and nonstop prayers brought them home.

“It’s so worth it. it’s worth every single second,” Crystal said.

However, they recognize the fight is far from over. Williams said, “There’s a lot of things that we have to do that isn’t enjoyable or easy.”

But, it’s worth every labored breath for him. Plus, he has plans, “I’m gonna take that woman on a cruise. She won’t never stop long enough to go.”

Crystal vows to slow down, This struggle has put so much into perspective for the family.

“Live life like there is no tomorrow,” Crystal advised.

“Cherish life, people,” Williams added. “Find you a mate that you connect with, and somebody you take care of, and they’ll take care of you.”

And never stop laughing.