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RAINSVILLE, Ala. — DeKalb County authorities have charged a Fyffe man with making wine at a Rainsville wastewater treatment plant.

Allen Maurice Stiefel, 62, was charged with unlawful possession of an illegally manufactured alcoholic beverage and use of official position for personal gain, which is a felony charge.

Rainsville Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said Friday Stiefel was suspended without pay after a wine making operation was found at a city wastewater treatment plant.

Lingerfelt said Stiefel had been a city employee for 15 years and had no previous issues.

The wine making equipment was found in a building that isn’t frequented much at the plant off Horton Road, Lingerfelt said.

“Things happen like that, and it’s something where you can’t protect every little thing,” he said. “We try, but you can’t stop every little thing that goes on.”

Lingerfelt said he first learned of the operation when the sheriff’s office called him Thursday afternoon to get access to the plant.

He said four employees work at the plant, and he did not expect any more would be suspended. He added the operations at the plant were continuing as normal.