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FLORENCE, Ala. — Project Say Something’s Monday night demonstration at the Lauderdale County Courthouse became heated when the group of protesters and counter-protesters gathered around the Confederate monument.

In an earlier interview, Project Say Something Founder Camille Bennett said protesters are not intimidated by the harassment and will continue exercising their rights.

Friday night’s occupy downtown event was themed, Unite Against the Klan.

Demonstrators met at the courthouse then made their way down Court Street while chanting and holding signs.

“Apparently members, a member of the Klan and several other community members call for Klan participation and they’re supposed to be riding through and trying to intimidate us with Confederate flags and there have been many threats of violence this time,” Bennett said.

The Florence Police Department had a warning for anyone inciting violence.

“The police department and sheriff’s departments are working closely together to ensure this weekend’s events remain peaceful and that order and public safety is maintained,” said Captain Steven Robertson.

The Florence Police Department and the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office say they are prepared to make custodial arrests of anyone engaging in disorderly, threatening, or violent behavior.

Bennett said she wants to make sure law enforcement officers keep their word. “I think there’s been an under reaction to these threats of death and violence and terrorism, and I think that’s indicative to the normalization of racism and white supremacy in our community,” she said.

Another protest is planned for Saturday at 8:00 p.m.