Peaceful demonstrations continued in Huntsville Saturday

Racial Justice Movement
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Peaceful demonstrations continued in Huntsville Saturday afternoon.

The group Alabama Rally Against Injustice held an event at 3:00 p.m. at Big Spring Park.

The event lasted around two hours with more than 150 people in attendance.

Demonstrators gathered for prayer and guest speakers spoke on personal experiences. The organizer of the event spoke about the importance of voting and why your voice matters.

“We want them to know that if we don’t come out here and do what we do then there will never be change; they have to go out they have to vote. They have to go out and they have to let people hear their voices locally and nationally but first, you have to handle it locally because if you don’t handle it locally then nothing else will get done,” said Dijai Curry, the rally organizer.

Curry says more rallies are scheduled. 

That list can be found on the Alabama Rally Against Injustice Facebook page.

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