North Alabama Area Labor Council holds “Labor for Black Lives” rally in Huntsville

Racial Justice Movement

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.– Nearly 100 people gathered in downtown Huntsville Saturday evening with the North Alabama Area Labor Council for a “Labor for Black Lives” rally.

Leaders of the North Alabama Area Labor Council said they want to make it clear they stand with working people against racism and police brutality.

“Whether you’re in unions or you’re not in unions. If you’re Black, white, latino or any other race we are on your side and we are going to be fighting for you day in and day out,” said Jacob Morrison, North Alabama Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer.

Council members said there is a history of unions playing a central role in movements for racial and social-economic justice and that is why they felt it was important to hold a Black Lives Matter rally in Huntsville.

“Labor unions have always walked hand in hand with the civil rights movement, and for that reason, we are here today to show our support,” said Bob McManus, North Alabama Labor Council Vice President.

Ovetta Hobson joined the rally with other Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Alumnae in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Racial injustice is rampant and we have to stand up for each other and we have to stand up for change in our nation and in our world,” Hobson said.

When speakers were done, the crowd peacefully walked a lap around the Madison County Courthouse then stopped to pray and reflect on the corner that is home to the confederate monument. Hobson said growing up in Alabama, these times are familiar to her.

“For me it’s a painful past. It shows just how far we haven’t come,” Hobson said.

But she said shes hopeful that the winds of change are coming.

“Today’s generation, the things that we are doing now. These rallies, these protests, the way we are coming together as a community, it will not be repeated,” Hobson said.

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