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FLORENCE, Ala. — The rain didn’t stop protesters from gathering outside the Lauderdale County Courthouse Monday evening. They’re calling for the removal of a Confederate monument.

Earlier this month at a county commission meeting, a proposal to add discussing the monument to the agenda failed after it didn’t receive unanimous consent. At tonight’s commission meeting, the City of Florence was informed that the statue is actually city property after receiving a letter from the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The letter states that the statue was donated to the city in the early 1900s. Florence Mayor Steve Holt said the city expects to move towards relocating the monument in July.

Project Say Something founder Camille Bennett has been fighting for the removal of the monument for years and sees this as a victory. “I’m hopeful; I’d like to see it come down sooner, as soon as possible, and we’re going to be here until it does,” Bennett said.

She added that this victory will give protesters hope in their efforts to dismantle systemic racism. They plan to continue their demonstrations until the monument is relocated.