Exhibit at Florence-Lauderdale Public Library dives into history of Alabama landmark Supreme Court cases

Racial Justice Movement

FLORENCE, Ala. —  At a time when conversations on racial and social justice seem to be at a high point in the city of Florence, the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library welcomes a new history exhibit, “Alabama Justice: The Cases and Faces that Changed a Nation.”

Alabama Bicentennial is hosting the free exhibit which features eight landmark Supreme Court cases that either changed or redefined civil rights in the state and country.

Interim Library Director Abby Carpenter said at first there were some concerns that the exhibit wouldn’t arrive as scheduled.

“With COVID-19, just had to make sure we could still host it when we had planned to, but everything has gone fine and it’s here for people to come see,” Carpenter said.

The exhibit is made up of informational panels describing what to led to each case and their monumental impact. “On a variety of topics like civil rights, prayer in schools, gender equality,” Carpenter said.

Cases include Powell v. Alabama, which dealt with the right to effective counsel for a fair trial for the Scottsboro Boys, and Frontiero v. Richardson, which dealt with equal rights for women.

“That’s our role as a public library is just to serve as a space for people to learn about various issues and potentially multiple sides of the issue,” Carpenter said.

She added that the library’s role is perfect for an exhibit like this because it gives people the opportunity to learn more about historic landmark cases and how they apply to issues our country is facing today.

The Florence-Lauderdale Public Library will soon schedule a Zoom meeting with one of the creators of the exhibit to allow patrons to learn even more. It will be open to the public. Call the library at (256) 764-6564 to request the invitation.

Patrons visiting the library for the exhibit are asked to wear face masks and maintain proper social distancing.

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