Demonstrators in Florence receive death threats for protesting Confederate monument

Racial Justice Movement

FLORENCE, Ala. — Years before the current racial justice movement, Project Say Something had been hosting demonstrations outside of the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

The group is calling for the removal and relocation of a Confederate monument. All of the group’s protests have been peaceful and some have even been met with peaceful counter protests.

On social media, it’s a different story. Project Say Something President Katie Owens-Murphy said she and the group have become targets of multiple threats on Facebook.

“I was shocked, they were bold, they were aggressive, they were violent, they were direct,” Owens-Murphy said. “They not only went after me, but they went to my employer.”

Owens-Murphy said the threats range from damage to protesters’ property to a remark that people should vote to begin hanging liberals.

“It gave me a little taste of what our black and queer communities have been facing here for a very long time,” Owens-Murphy said.

Project Say Something Founder Camille Bennett said she’s made Florence Police aware of the threats and asked what could be done about them.

“When someone’s making a threat, unless they say, ‘I’m going to kill you, Camille Bennett,’ but what I understand, not very much can happen,” Bennett said.

However, Bennett said Florence Police have increased their presence at protests since the threats began.

While Project Say Something is calling this a public safety issue, they want those who oppose their protests to know they aren’t backing down.

“We’ll always peacefully protest, and we’ll never stop protesting until it comes down,” Bennett said.

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