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In the wake of George Floyd’s death, it has led to some unconformable conversations here in Alabama between the governor and Legislative Black Caucus.

The state’s Legislative Black Caucus has been holding a series of meetings with Governor Kay Ivey on ways to end systemic racism.

The meetings have now extended to law enforcement, higher education, and the business community.

When it comes to higher education, the caucus wants buildings named after Confederate leaders changed.

Senators Vivian Figures and Rodger Smitherman say the overall goal is to make people aware that Black lives matter.

Alabama State University professor Dr. Derryn Moten says it all starts with the state’s motto – he says its offensive.

“I just don’t see any good reason why, in 2020, the state would want to hold on to a statement that suggests a segregation party.”

Both senators say there will be legislation regarding systemic racism in Alabama’s next legislative session.