Activists gather in Albertville to march for justice for Breonna Taylor

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Dozens of activists marched in Albertville Wednesday for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in Kentucky in March. 

A grand jury said all three police officers were cleared of charges in Taylor’s death. 

“If you’re a person of color, it could be you. It was Breonna Taylor. She as doing literally nothing other than sleeping in her bed and to every person of color, that just sends the message of Breonna Taylor then, it could be me tomorrow,” Say Their Names Alabama member Julie Roden said. 

A bi-monthly demonstration at the Marshall County courthouse in Albertville is hosted by Say Their Names Alabama for the removal of the Confederate flag and relocation of the monument. 

However, that group’s organizer Unique Dunston changed things up Wednesday to call for justice for Taylor. 

“We want people to start actually examining the details especially in Marshall County. Things like that don’t really happen here so it’s really easy to just look the other way so that’s part of why we’re here is we’re trying to say it is important to pay attention. Just because it’s not happening to you personally or in your town, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matters any less,” said Roden. 

Dunston told News 19 it is hard for her and other group members to put how they are feeling into words.  But that they are frustrated that American justice has failed in their opinions as it relates to the deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement. 

Despite the switching of gears by organizers, there’s still plenty of Confederate relic supporters wanting to be heard. 

“It’s frustrating. It’s discouraging, because after all of the work that Louisville put in peacefully to show how strongly they felt about it, it’s a real slap in the face,” said Roden. 

“All this is pointless, these flags have been flying for years, these monuments have been up for years, all around the world, these people fought and lost their lives for the South. There’s more stuff going on in this world than to be focused on about if a flag or monument is racist,” said Sons of Confederate Veterans member Daniel Sims. “We’re just from the South. We’re glad to be from the South and that’s what we stand for is heritage and not hate,” added Sims. 

Sims, who is a supporter of the Confederate flag and monuments, does seem to support justice. 

“If the officers are wrong, they should pay for it. If Breonna Taylor was wrong, they should let that be known. Whoever is wrong, is wrong, and regardless of who it is or what race it is, they should have to pay for it,” explained Sims. 

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