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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – A bully can have a lasting impact, but a national campaign wants to start a different kind of chain reaction.  The “Rachel’s Challenge” program stopped in Muscle Shoals, to speak to students about its mission.

“I`ve seen in communities all across the country, students stepping up and being the answer for each other,” said presenter Nicole Voekel.

Rachel Scott was the first student killed in the Columbine shootings.  She lived her life believing that the actions of few can spark a revolution in many.

“I cried, because I can relate to it,” said Muscle Shoals 8th grader, Emily Kemp.  “I`ve been bullied in the past few years, like the way I dress and sometimes the way I talk.”

Rachel’s Challenge wants students to start a chain reaction, with the hope that some kind words can spread throughout the school.

“Sometimes people act like a bully so we try to see what’s the story behind the story , even reaching out to people you might consider a bully or bad guy saying, ’What`s your story, what’s the best in them,” said Voekel.

While these students and families in Muscle Shoals never knew Rachel Scott, many have made a promise to themselves and their classmates to be the first to start the chain reaction in order to make their school a safer place for everyone.

A hundred students from Muscle Shoals Middle and High School took part in a training session, to learn how to help people affected by bullying.

To keep this program alive in the schools, a Friends of Rachel club has been started at both schools.