Quiet morning Black Friday shopping at Parkway Place Mall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Black Friday sales have been going on all week at Parkway Place Mall. Today is the unofficial Black Friday holiday when people traditionally go to get their bargains.

Similar to most years, shoppers started arriving early to the mall in anticipation of the 6 am opening, one difference this year is we’re in a pandemic, and most everyone is masked up.

General Manager of Parkway Place Mall, Molly Bell, said in an effort to spread out crowds and avoid large groups of people in the mall, sales have been offered all week long. However, precautions are still being taken in the mall to help protect shoppers.

“Security is going to be walking around and they have masks available to you, we’re a regional destination, so we have shoppers that come from other states, some individuals don’t even know that you have to wear a mask in the state of Alabama, we just politely ask you to put your mask on, to wear it properly, and if needed security will provide you a mask,” said Bell.

Bell said each store inside the mall is responsible for maintaining how many people are inside the business at any one time. However, the mall is allowing store to form lines outside the store if there is overflow.

Mall management request if there is a line outside of a store please wait patiently outside the store and ensure that you keep 6 feet distance between you and other customers.

The food court is currently operating at half capacity.

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