Public school board hearing for Lee high school special ed teacher

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.– A Lee High School special-ed teacher asked for a public hearing before the school board Friday regarding his termination. The school system said the teacher is up for termination regarding failing to complete certain paperwork that affects his students. He is also facing sexual harassment allegations from a female student.

Milton Tyson had 16 students under his care. The special education teachers are required to fill out individual education plans for each student so they can move on to the next year. Officials with the school district say Tyson failed to do so in time.

“We ended the year last year and this teacher had not done a single IEP successfully, every time we gave him more time to do it, it got worse,” said Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.

Witnesses came to testify that Tyson did not do his job properly this past year in regards to the IEP’s. He is also facing sexual harassment allegations from a female student who maintains he followed her into a bathroom.

“Why he followed her in there, don’t know, why he thought it was appropriate to make comments about her form and her body parts, there’s no excuse for that,” said Dr. Wardynksi.

Tyson has been with Lee High School for almost 20 years.

“This was a highly qualified teacher, which is why I don’t worry about highly qualified,I worry about highly effective. This is a teacher that’s been here a long time,” said Dr. Wardynski.

Tyson has had complaints made against him stemming from back to 2005.

” He had a long record with the school system, and it’s high time we deal with it. And so today we’re dealing with it, to the benefit of our kids,” said Dr. Wardynksi.

For his part, Tyson maintains that he did finish his his IEP’s in time and denies the sexual harassment comments.

After deliberating, the school board voted to uphold the Superintendent’s recommendation for termination.

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