Public frustration grows over state’s slow COVID-19 rollout


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Public frustration is continuing to grow across Alabama over the state’s slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. The state is ranked among the worst in the country based on vaccinations by population according to the CDC.

As of Friday, the state has administered COVID-19 vaccines to just over 100 thousand people. The ADPH said that number is closer to 130 thousand people. That puts the total number of vaccinations statewide at around just 2 percent of Alabama’s population.

“The biggest issue has just been first and foremost having the supply here to be able to administer and then trying to administer it in an orderly fashion,” said UAB Chief of Hospital Medicine Dr. Kiersten Kennedy.

By comparison, West Virginia which leads the nation in COVID-19 vaccinations by population has already administered 4 thousand more shots than Alabama. The state has nearly 3 million fewer people than Alabama and credits, in part, the use of its national guard with getting the work done.

On Friday Governor Ivey took to Twitter and asked for the public’s patience with Alabama’s slow vaccination process. “Dr. Harris & his team are continually working to more efficiently get this vaccine into the arms of Alabamians,” said Governor Ivey.

Alabama plans to begin administering vaccines to first responders and people 75 and older on Monday.

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