Provide kids in foster care with a special bag for their first night in a foster home

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- The Madison County Foster and Adoptive Parents Association (MCFAPA) is asking that as you prepare gift bags for your kids and loved ones this season, you consider offering a different kind of bag to kids going into foster care in our community.

Often times, when foster children go into care, they go to their families with very few belongings in a plastic bag, or even more often, with nothing at all.

That's why MCFAPA started the KICK Bag program in October. KICK stands for "Kids in Care Kit."

"Children can get pulled from homes for a multitude of reasons... maybe in the middle of the night, maybe during the day. We've had children come to us in the middle of the night that had no shoes, clothes are too big, basically.. whatever the social worker can grab from the home if the parents will let them," said Brandon Bishop with MCFAPA.

Each kid gets a duffle bag filled with everything they need for their first few nights in care. This makes it easier for the kids and the parents taking the foster children in.

If you're interested in donating new items or contributing monetary donations, please contact MCFAPA on their website.

So far, the MCFAPA Den has been able to provide up to 45 bags for kids going into foster care.

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