Protesters call for immediate removal of confederate monument outside Madison County Courthouse


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Calls for the removal of the Confederate monument outside of the Madison County Courthouse continue.

But state law, the Alabama Memorial Preservation act, stands in the way. The county commission was looking for a legal way to have the monument relocated and was denied last week by a state committee.

The Confederate monument is on Madison County Property and the county commission has searched for a legal way to move it. But certain monuments are protected by state law.

“A symbol of evil continues to sit on public property in Madison County,” said David Person.

The county doesn’t want to break the law and wants to avoid paying the state a $25,000 fine. So they asked for a waiver from the state Committee for Alabama Monument Protection. But the committee shot that down.

“Unjust laws need to be broken. And in fact, we believe that even the process through which they tried to proceed was wrong because it affirmed the establishment of this unjust law,” says Person.

Protestors say the county should just break the law, pay the fine, and move the monument.

“At the end of the day, when other cities in our state have removed their monuments, that shows that once again our leadership is standing on tradition instead of the cause of what’s right,” said Dantraeon Calvert.

So the question now is, what happens to the monument from here? Chairman Dale Strong told WHNT Monday he remains committed to the legal process to eventually move the monument. But it’s not clear when the process he described might happen.

“This monument to the Confederacy represents something that ought to be distasteful, offensive, and horrid to people all across the valley,” said Person.

Local activists encourage people vote and say any official who isnt in favor of removing the monument needs to be removed from office by the people.

“The easiest way for us to affect them and affect their minds is to show them we are willing to get them out of office,” said Calvert.

Organizers say they are committed to protesting in person and through social media until the Madison County Commission removes the Confederate monument.

Organizers say they plan to show up at next weeks Madison County Commission meeting and use their time for public comment to ask the commission to remove the monument immediately.

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