Protesters block highway in Hoover after man killed by police


Hoover police and the mayor show up to encourage protesters to move off US-31 during a demonstration on Monday evening.

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HOOVER, Ala.- Dozens of people who want to know what happened in the Riverchase Galleria mall shooting on Thanksgiving showed up to protest outside city hall on Monday evening.

Protesters even blocked the highway because they say they want to see the video from inside the Galleria.

Four days after Emantic "EJ" Bradford was shot and killed inside Riverchase Galleria, this group wants to know why.

"I haven't heard one eyewitness say that there was another shooter yet," one man at the protest said. "I'm not saying there isn't. But I haven't seen any evidence that there is."

Hoover police say Bradford had a gun in the mall on Thanksgiving when he was shot by police. Two other people were injured, but police don't believe Bradford shot them.

Protesters gathered for several different reasons.

"EJ, the guy who got murdered in the mall, that could've been my son. That's why I'm out here," Joseph Smitherman said.

"I came out to show that I support them. I may not agree with their tactics or their ways. But I'm looking for answers I haven't got myself," a man named Antonio said.

With shouts like 'shut it down', the group soon did just that, marching a few paces to US-31 and blocking traffic.

"I didn't think it was going to end up on the highway," Smitherman said.

"They need to change, we need to change too. I'm not just going to put it on them. We need to start from birth to adults to discourage some of these activities. That man didn't wake up that morning ready to go shoot somebody," Antonio said.

After some honking horns and a few flaring tempers, the protest ended once the mayor and police leaders encouraged protesters to move it down the street. Protesters say this was a way to show police they're not giving up on finding out the truth.

So far, investigators haven't shared any details on who may have shot the other two people in the mall.

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